About Us

Our Purpose - Inspire and connect people through divergent artistic spirits and affordable apparel products.

Our Vision - To give back and to help people in need while sharing and evolving our heritage. 



WAchic is in business to ignite next positive social causes, and we just happened to be an apparel brand. 1% of our proceeds will go to social programs to make our communities better and more fair. Through the lens of individual artists and transforming their vision into everyday casual wear, we start the movement of connecting people around the globe and ignite the next stage. 


Free Artistic Mind - Let creativity and imagination take over our minds. We don’t know what we find at the end of the road.

Inspiration - Inspirations ignite people to explore for answers and create culture.

Heritage And Beyond - Don’t forget where we came from. Appreciate the people before us and keep making better for the next generation.

Global Citizen - Be the good cause and transcend the status quo. 1% of our profits goes to donation and every one of You makes it possible.

Dignity - Show kindness and bring warmth to others and expect nothing in return.